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Americans call Calfornia "the Golden State". And it's true that people onec came to look for gold and silver in the mountains. Now they come to see the great cities, the big parks [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:20 , Wyświetleń: 5840 , Ocena: 48.49, Głosów: 70, Autor: Mafej

Career of family life.

Everybody knows that family is one of the most important things in the world. Our family help us to solve many problems, it gives us love and safety. But sometimes we have to choos [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:22 , Wyświetleń: 3965 , Ocena: 148.77, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

Characteristics of people.

NR 1 SPR.Characteristics of people.John Brown was born in 1960 in small town called Dumbarton next to Glasgow. His family was well to do: his father was a mechanic and moth [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:22 , Wyświetleń: 2867 , Ocena: 124.18, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

Color symbolism in "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

In the spring of 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald published his best novel The Great Gatsby. Since then it is the most famous American book about the 1920’s. Fitzgerald used many lit [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:23 , Wyświetleń: 7254 , Ocena: 77.8, Głosów: 39, Autor: Mafej

Crime in the 21st century

In the 21st century, crime has become a great problem of every society. Criminals appear everywhere and they are more and more aggressive. They act with no remorse (bez skrupułów [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:23 , Wyświetleń: 3117 , Ocena: 168.8, Głosów: 14, Autor: Mafej

Czasy przeszłe wytłumaczone po polsku

Czasy przeszłe:1.Simple PastPrzeszły Prosty. Używamy do określenia wydarzeń z przeszłości.Operator: didOdmiana ‘być’ przez osoby: I was/ You we [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:24 , Wyświetleń: 2106 , Ocena: 37.31, Głosów: 35, Autor: Mafej

Czasy z angielskiego.

Present ContinousCzasu tego używamy wtedy, gdy chcemy wyrazić, iż dana czynność właśnie odbywa się (gdy o niej mówimy); że jest akurat wykonywana, że trwa w tymże m [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:26 , Wyświetleń: 2142 , Ocena: 68.86, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Ćwiczenia czas-Present Simple

1. I always get up ( get up ) at 6.00 a.m. 2.He …………( not get up ) at 6.00 a.m. He always ……….. ( get up ) at 10.00 a.m. 3.I u [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:27 , Wyświetleń: 5173 , Ocena: 175, Głosów: 13, Autor: Mafej

Dieting – blessing or curse?

In my opinion diet is not very good for human body. There are many reasons forward and against diet but I think that people, most women should not be on diet, because I, personally [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:28 , Wyświetleń: 3055 , Ocena: 153.94, Głosów: 15, Autor: Mafej

Do you think the position in family can affect the personality of a child? If so, how?

Scientists and psychologists agree that many factors contribute to froming your personality, for example sex, class, or your position in the family. If you are the frist-born child [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:28 , Wyświetleń: 3688 , Ocena: 161.25, Głosów: 11, Autor: Mafej


“Romero and Juliet” shows us that love at first sight exists. They saw them and they fell in love. In my opinion this kind of love exists. Many people on all over the w [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:29 , Wyświetleń: 2567 , Ocena: 57.18, Głosów: 38, Autor: Mafej


Drugs:·Can mean everything from cigarettes and alcohol to heroin, cannabis, amphetamines, LSD and cocaine·They are dangerous for many reasons:-they cause [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:30 , Wyświetleń: 5622 , Ocena: 35.16, Głosów: 94, Autor: Mafej

English as a world language.

English is the mother tongue of over 450 million people. Almost half of them live in the U.S.A. Over 500 million people speak English as a second language. When we come to consider [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:31 , Wyświetleń: 6264 , Ocena: 133.86, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Ernest Hemingway - Biography

Ernest Hemingway is one of the best American writers of twentieth century. In 1954, he won a Nobel Prize in literature. His controversial writing provoked critics. His most famous [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:32 , Wyświetleń: 869913 , Ocena: 5506.35, Głosów: 16, Autor: Mafej

Exams are not useful. What is your opinion?

Exams have always been the only way of testing and estimating students. Some people still belive that exams are the most accurate form of testing. However, I disagree with the foll [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:33 , Wyświetleń: 3874 , Ocena: 82.18, Głosów: 32, Autor: Mafej

Fashion - independence or dependence

Ja: Hi! What are you doing? L: Oh, hello! I’m writing an e- mail to my penpal from Trinidad and Tobago. Ja: Yeah, that’s very interesting, but I have one quest [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:34 , Wyświetleń: 2949 , Ocena: 88.68, Głosów: 24, Autor: Mafej


Some people could say that we should always eat what we enjoy, not what is good for us. I think that eating what we like is not very good for our body. What about that people who e [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:34 , Wyświetleń: 2852 , Ocena: 23.23, Głosów: 90, Autor: Mafej

Formy czasowników

Formy czasowników was been [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:35 , Wyświetleń: 2513 , Ocena: 37.07, Głosów: 43, Autor: Mafej

Generation gap.

Generation gap is a very common phenomenon in our life. It’s something that has always arisen and will arise between children and their parents.There are many reasons for [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:36 , Wyświetleń: 6076 , Ocena: 88.8, Głosów: 45, Autor: Mafej

Grzegorz Turnau's biography

Grzegorz Turnau is one of the most popular singers, composers, and pianists who belonged to the “Cellar under the tups”.He was born on 31st July 1967 in Cracow. He [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:37 , Wyświetleń: 6521 , Ocena: 138.68, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

Historical analysis of "A perfect day for bananafish" by J.D. Salinger

“A Perfect Day for Bananafish” is the most popular short story by J.D. Salinger. It is about the suicide of Seymour Glass. The story is set in 1948 in Florida, where he [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:38 , Wyświetleń: 4618 , Ocena: 142.33, Głosów: 17, Autor: Mafej

If my family and I went to live in England

If my family and I went to live in England for permanently I would probably feel ashamed and scared. I would have to learn their life style. On the one hand I would be happy about [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:39 , Wyświetleń: 2670 , Ocena: 99.82, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

If you had a choice to visit any English speaking country where would you like to go , and why?

If you had a choice to visit any English speaking country where would you like to go , and why?I think that everyone would like to go somewhere. Personally I always wanted to [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:39 , Wyświetleń: 4473 , Ocena: 82.67, Głosów: 32, Autor: Mafej

In the bank

In the bankA: Good Morning!B: Hello! Welcome in our bank! How could I help you? A: I want to draw my money out of an account.B: That’t no problem.How much do [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:40 , Wyświetleń: 23821 , Ocena: 223.33, Głosów: 42, Autor: Mafej


With the exception of Belfast, which is famous for the manufacture of linen (and which is still a shipbuilding city), Ireland region is, largely agricultural. It has sever [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:41 , Wyświetleń: 21585 , Ocena: 31.71, Głosów: 99, Autor: Mafej


For: Cloning technology can create more efficient vegetables or other plants. About two years ago scientists from one of the Japanese biotechnology companies created a cubic wa [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:56 , Wyświetleń: 5605 , Ocena: 35.01, Głosów: 94, Autor: Mafej


The vision of future never was optimistic. Pollution, wars in every part of the world. Despite this, I will try to search for things, that in future will be better.The first ar [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:57 , Wyświetleń: 6696 , Ocena: 127.55, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

J.D. Salinger: biography

Jerome David Salinger, best known as J.D. Salinger, is one of the most popular and influential authors of American fiction after World War II. We all know him because of his contro [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:33:58 , Wyświetleń: 22741 , Ocena: 301.17, Głosów: 34, Autor: Mafej

Jobs and lifestyles.

All people have their own jobs and life styles. Some of them are workmen, a lot of people work as clerks, others are directors and managers. Some jobs require great effort from us [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:00 , Wyświetleń: 3742 , Ocena: 129.45, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

Learning foreign languages. (1)

Foreign languages are used in many domains of our life. A lot of people go abroad on holiday where, if they want to talk to foreigners, they have to know any foreign language at le [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:00 , Wyświetleń: 12255 , Ocena: 112.66, Głosów: 31, Autor: Mafej

Many disputes over constitutional issues have been brought before U.S. Supreme Court

Many disputes over constitutional issues have been brought before U.S. Supreme Court. The Supreme Court’s decisions like those in Plessy v. Ferguson, Roe v. Wade or Miranda v [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:01 , Wyświetleń: 7236 , Ocena: 377.33, Głosów: 5, Autor: Mafej


NewspapersThere is no “national press” in the United States, as it is in the British Kingdom. The main reason for this is that mostly the local newspapers are read [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:03 , Wyświetleń: 8238 , Ocena: 36.36, Głosów: 98, Autor: Mafej

Men and women

All of us have quarrelled with a person of the opposite sex as least some times in our lives. I think we should reflect on why so often men and women don’t understand each ov [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:03 , Wyświetleń: 6826 , Ocena: 66.61, Głosów: 45, Autor: Mafej

Men are better cooks that women.

“Men are better cooks than women”. In my opinion it’s true. Women are worse cooks that men!The fist argument is that chiefs of most restaurant are men. Lots o [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:04 , Wyświetleń: 2554 , Ocena: 126.52, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Modern world.

Mankind changes all the time. We often wonder: what way other people choose, how they live, what kinds of problems do we have? Otherwise the answers aren’t simple and some pe [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:05 , Wyświetleń: 6494 , Ocena: 66.91, Głosów: 43, Autor: Mafej

My hobby (2)

My first hobby is listen the music.My favourite kind of music is Rock.My idol is Sting, because he has a great songs, and a beautiful voice. My second hobby is the anim [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 18:34:05 , Wyświetleń: 2733 , Ocena: 46.82, Głosów: 50, Autor: Mafej


I was a sunny summer morning. Gosia phoned me, she was very scared. She was trying to say that her neighbour was dead. As fast as I could I sit on my bike and went to her. When I [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:26 , Wyświetleń: 2579 , Ocena: 106.91, Głosów: 22, Autor: Mafej

Music in my life.

Most people like music. We can hear music everywhere - at home, at school, at the work, on a bus. We often wonder what is the role of music in our life? Why do people like it and w [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:26 , Wyświetleń: 14197 , Ocena: 83.94, Głosów: 32, Autor: Mafej

My family.

My family is very important for me. Members of my family are my best friends, the people I love. It would be dreadful for me if I lost them. My family help me in many problems, mak [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:27 , Wyświetleń: 3706 , Ocena: 69.84, Głosów: 43, Autor: Mafej

My flat and my family

I live in a flat, which has four rooms. I like my home, I think it’s cosy. I’ve been living here for eleven years and I’m used to that flat. One year ago I lived [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:27 , Wyświetleń: 5886 , Ocena: 111.55, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

My future plans.

Most people have their future plans, dreams, things which they want to realize some day. Everyone dreams about interesting and satisfactory job with good salary, loving family, bea [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:28 , Wyświetleń: 2679 , Ocena: 114.5, Głosów: 25, Autor: Mafej

My hobby (1)

People have many different hobbies. Some like collecting coins or stamps, others are keen on computers. Most men like fishing and most women like shopping or cooking in their spare [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:29 , Wyświetleń: 2830 , Ocena: 84.18, Głosów: 33, Autor: Mafej

My hobby-horse-riding

Wiem, że praca mało wyczerpująca :) ale dostałam za to 5 (chociaż to dziwne, ale w kalsie większość pierwszy raz uczy się angielskiego, myśle, że ta praca może być jed [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:30 , Wyświetleń: 2472 , Ocena: 67.65, Głosów: 22, Autor: Mafej

My school.

Schools are very important in our life. Everybody knows that most people can’t live in modern society without them - education is needed when we try to get a job. An atmosphe [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:31 , Wyświetleń: 6491 , Ocena: 71.39, Głosów: 37, Autor: Mafej

My town.

I live in Siedlce - a town in the east of Poland. There live about eighty thousand people . I wasn’t born in Siedlce - I was born in Warsaw but I have lived in Siedlce for si [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:32 , Wyświetleń: 3935 , Ocena: 56.07, Głosów: 53, Autor: Mafej

My weekend (1)

I got up about 9 a.m. on Saturday. Then I had breakfast. I ate corn flakes with milk for breakfast. I was very busy after the hard week I didn’t have much free time, so when [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:33 , Wyświetleń: 4347 , Ocena: 68.8, Głosów: 40, Autor: Mafej

Old age

I think that there aren’t any positive sites of old age. There are many arguments for and many reasons against old age.I, personally, think that there are many reasons ag [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:34 , Wyświetleń: 3089 , Ocena: 31.37, Głosów: 83, Autor: Mafej

One of the most serious problems facing young people today.

Lots of Polish people take drugs. Fashion for drugs come from Western Europe. They are dangerous for many reasons. They lead to depression , unconsciousness or even death. Drugs ca [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:35 , Wyświetleń: 3094 , Ocena: 303.89, Głosów: 8, Autor: Mafej

Our environment. (1)

All of us realize, that contamination of the environment is one of the main problems in today’s world. Ecologists warn us that air, water and soil are more and more polluted. [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:36 , Wyświetleń: 11774 , Ocena: 114.86, Głosów: 27, Autor: Mafej

Poland as a satellit

For almost half a century Poland was ruled by a communist government, which was created and establishment by the Soviet Union. Poland became Soviet satellite as a result of some h [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-28 22:45:37 , Wyświetleń: 5711 , Ocena: 99.62, Głosów: 25, Autor: Mafej

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