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St.Paul's Cathedral

St. Paul’s Cathedral was built after the Great Fire of 1666. It stands in the heart of the City- the business centre of London. The architect was Sir ChristopherWren. It took [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 11:31:36 , Wyświetleń: 2463 , Ocena: 51.27, Głosów: 40, Autor: Michalk88

The Tower of London

The ancient Tower of London is on the north bank of the Thames, next to Tower Bridge. It was started by William the Conqueror who invaded Britain in 1066. He built the Tower to imp [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 11:31:37 , Wyświetleń: 2765 , Ocena: 79.27, Głosów: 36, Autor: Michalk88

Westminster and Trafalgar Square

Westminster lies on the north bank of the river, to the west of the City. It’s the political centre of the United Kingdom- the home of the British Parliament. The nation̵ [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 11:31:38 , Wyświetleń: 10417 , Ocena: 201.44, Głosów: 31, Autor: Michalk88

"Hedda Gabler" Henrik Ibsen

The established view of Hedda Gabler sees the play as a study of the frustration and despair engendered in the exceptional individual by a conventionalised society. In this paper I [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 11:32:11 , Wyświetleń: 3194 , Ocena: 127.19, Głosów: 20, Autor: Michalk88

The history of gravitacion

The AncientsGravity is a force of attraction between all matter. It is the weakest known force in nature, but it still manages to hold galaxies like the one shown in this image [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 17:49:26 , Wyświetleń: 2976 , Ocena: 171.63, Głosów: 15, Autor: Michalk88


It was a very hot and boring Saturday afternoon. I was all alone in my classroom doing an assignment, which had to be finished by Monday. I put my pen down and looked around search [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 17:50:01 , Wyświetleń: 6344 , Ocena: 37.53, Głosów: 85, Autor: Michalk88

Maria Curie-Skłodowska

She was the first to use the term radioactivity. In 1902 Marie Curie earned her doctorate, the first awarded to a woman in Europe. In 1903, she became the first woman to win a Nobe [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 17:50:02 , Wyświetleń: 13734 , Ocena: 91.25, Głosów: 19, Autor: Michalk88

My dreams

Someone once said, “Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country” (Nin, Th [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 17:50:02 , Wyświetleń: 3547 , Ocena: 35.68, Głosów: 70, Autor: Michalk88

Poland - an attracive place for foreigners?

Poland’s a medium state. Although it’s not big it has a lot to offer. In the north’s the Baltic Sea, it’s rather cold but it’s very comely. In south&# [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 17:50:03 , Wyświetleń: 3726 , Ocena: 74.33, Głosów: 32, Autor: Michalk88

Tolleson High School should offer more Vocational Training

There are 40,000 skill jobs a year created in the United States. Half of those go to people that are in the United States, but the other half go to people from different countries. [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 17:50:04 , Wyświetleń: 3013 , Ocena: 182.6, Głosów: 14, Autor: Michalk88

What can we do about unemployment?

In todays world unemployment is one of the biggest problems. More and more people don't have work and any prospects for the future. The worst is that we, and especially government [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 17:50:05 , Wyświetleń: 10508 , Ocena: 249.36, Głosów: 10, Autor: Michalk88

Shopping in Płock

Plock is one of the biggest cities in Poland. There are a large department stores and plenty smaller shops.Grocka, Tumska, and Krolewiecka street are the centre of shopper̵ [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 18:07:39 , Wyświetleń: 2290 , Ocena: 33.04, Głosów: 45, Autor: Michalk88

Sławny człowiek - Bill Newton

Bill Newton is Britain’s most successful film star. His smiling face appears on covers of international magazines, and every years he give out a hundreds of autographs. Howe [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 18:07:40 , Wyświetleń: 3354 , Ocena: 60.63, Głosów: 37, Autor: Michalk88


There are some social norms set within a society; norms that are created by tradition and customs existing within that society, which people need to, obey in order to be accepted b [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 18:07:41 , Wyświetleń: 8142 , Ocena: 118.21, Głosów: 23, Autor: Michalk88

Letter to friend about camp

Słupsk18th March, 2003Dear Efi, Thanks for your letter, it was so nice to receive the last news from you. Moreover, it is good to have at least one close friend in Eng [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 18:09:07 , Wyświetleń: 2684 , Ocena: 52.09, Głosów: 46, Autor: Michalk88

The Best Mum of the Year

I don`t remember the time I first sam my mother because I was very small then. It was in a hospital - the 14th of February 1985.My mother is medium high and slim. She is in her [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 18:09:08 , Wyświetleń: 5357 , Ocena: 74.66, Głosów: 34, Autor: Michalk88

Would you prefer to live in a city or in a village? Why?

I prefer to live in a city because i think that life in a city is always more exciting and more comfortable than life in a country or in a small town.First of all, in cities th [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 18:09:09 , Wyświetleń: 36052 , Ocena: 216.23, Głosów: 65, Autor: Michalk88

Friendship (4)

Friendship really is an unexplainable phenomenon. What makes people become friends? Why do you desperately try to be friends with one person but end up going nowhere? Why do you fi [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-21 18:09:10 , Wyświetleń: 8678 , Ocena: 62.8, Głosów: 45, Autor: Michalk88

Man of my dreams ...

I don’t think that the man of my dreams has been born yet. However, I hope that I’ll find a good man. I believe that trust, love, and respect are some essentials in a r [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-22 19:59:53 , Wyświetleń: 2563 , Ocena: 177.62, Głosów: 12, Autor: Michalk88

I will never forget

I will never forget the time when my parents and I were driving past one of the cemeteries outside Warsaw. By the side of the road we saw a girl of about 18 years old who was hitch [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 12:15:20 , Wyświetleń: 2799 , Ocena: 157.25, Głosów: 15, Autor: Michalk88

Aggression and violence

Aggression and violence is growing between people because they often appear in the mass media, computer games and so on. In many films, games there are blood and killing. The desti [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 12:15:56 , Wyświetleń: 2970 , Ocena: 312.88, Głosów: 7, Autor: Michalk88

Why learn English?

Learning to speak English well may be the best thing you can do to improve your life. That's right. Do you think it would be fun to have access to information that other people [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 12:15:57 , Wyświetleń: 8779 , Ocena: 303.36, Głosów: 10, Autor: Michalk88

AIDS is a very serious international problem. Do You agree or not?

We are mendt to live in a very difficult time. Out world is full of violence, war, conflicts between many countries. Every day, in news programs we hear about thousands of killed p [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 12:16:23 , Wyświetleń: 104379 , Ocena: 2681.53, Głosów: 16, Autor: Michalk88

How can you come out of your shell? – How can we overcome shyness? Discuss.

Shyness is a big obstacle in aim aspirations. Shy people are usually living the way of life that assumes that if they aren't standing in anybodys way and they aren't putting anybod [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 12:16:39 , Wyświetleń: 12197 , Ocena: 151.45, Głosów: 19, Autor: Michalk88

What is your attitude to the following opinion: everyone should earn the same amount of money no matter what job they do? Discuss ?.

Nowadays it’s hard to get a job. Qualifications and education must reach higher level. In addition to this there are people (and there are certainly more of them nowadays) wh [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 12:16:39 , Wyświetleń: 5431 , Ocena: 301.38, Głosów: 7, Autor: Michalk88

Biography of Marie Grosholz (Madame Tussaud)

Marie Grosholz was born in Strasbourg, France, on December 16, 1761. Her father, a soldier, was killed in a battle during the Seven Years War, only two months before her birth. For [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:47:17 , Wyświetleń: 312823 , Ocena: 6146.94, Głosów: 31, Autor: Mafej

Short Biography of William Shakespeare

William Shakespeare was Britain's most famous playwright. We was born in 1564 in Stratford-on-Avon, where he lived and died in 1616. His father, John Shakespeare, was a glover. [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:47:18 , Wyświetleń: 299762 , Ocena: 6286.74, Głosów: 33, Autor: Mafej

Old Town – my favourite part of town

My favourite part of Warsaw is Old Town, which is situated in the north side of the centre. I like it because of its beautiful romantic tenements, churches and narrow streets b [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:49:00 , Wyświetleń: 12108 , Ocena: 213.09, Głosów: 10, Autor: Mafej

Braveheart - opis i recenzja

BRAVEHEARTDirected by Mel GibsonWritten by Randall WallaceCinematography by John TollMusic by James HornerProduction Design by Tom SandersCostume Design by [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:49:01 , Wyświetleń: 12697 , Ocena: 66.3, Głosów: 36, Autor: Mafej

Capital punishment...

THE CAPITAL PUNISHMENTMany people argue about the necessity of the capital punishment. Who is right?… “Why should there be a capital punishment?” – [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:49:02 , Wyświetleń: 3450 , Ocena: 90.38, Głosów: 31, Autor: Mafej

Erotic about M. A. M. U' S band

PART ONEThere were two girls famous for theirs voices. They were very young because they had only 17 years old. They didn’t know each other. The place the girls met was M [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:49:03 , Wyświetleń: 2573 , Ocena: 133.23, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

Ghetto in Białystok (2)

Districts for people of Jewish nationality and descent, which have been created in Germany and later, also in occupied countries during the Second World War by the nazi authorities [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:50:59 , Wyświetleń: 4360 , Ocena: 127.19, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Letter to restaurant manager

Restaurant ManagerGrand Hotel Restaurant235, W 46th StreetNew York CityDear Sir,I am writing to complain about the bad food and service I received while I was e [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:00 , Wyświetleń: 11458 , Ocena: 103, Głosów: 24, Autor: Mafej

Phrasal verbs - 149

add up – make sense, be reasonable or logicalask after – inquire aboutback down – yield in argument, move backwards from a certain positionbargain for [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:00 , Wyświetleń: 7379 , Ocena: 81.41, Głosów: 31, Autor: Mafej

The Pros and Cons of Living in the Country

Living in the country has both advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that there isn’t much pollution and traffic. You don’t have to worry about tour health bec [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:01 , Wyświetleń: 5914 , Ocena: 95.58, Głosów: 25, Autor: Mafej

What can you do for people in countries, which are at war?

Nowadays we can be witnesses of events in countries that are at war. We can watch scenes of war, which are televised live. It is a horrible experience when you are watching people [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:01 , Wyświetleń: 7145 , Ocena: 180.87, Głosów: 14, Autor: Mafej

Advantages and disadvantages of living in Poland

Although Poland is a country situated in the middle of Europe it doesn’t arouse much world’s interest. People around the world think that Poland is distant, cold, poor, [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:29 , Wyświetleń: 409153 , Ocena: 3205.83, Głosów: 11, Autor: Mafej

Ghetto in Białystok (1)

Districts for people of Jewish nationality and descent, which have been created in Germany and later, also in occupied countries during the Second World War by the nazi authorities [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:29 , Wyświetleń: 3060 , Ocena: 78.7, Głosów: 36, Autor: Mafej


WindWind can generate reliable energy, but some Europeans are opposed, not because it isn’t environmentally friendly, but because it mars landscape. The multinat [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:30 , Wyświetleń: 19633 , Ocena: 41.03, Głosów: 74, Autor: Mafej

Lena and Kournikova

Za pracę tą z kolegą dostaliśmy po lasce, ponieważ nasza droga nauczycielka nie lubi wibratorów (na gramatykę nawet nie spojrzała).PART ONE There w [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:32 , Wyświetleń: 3027 , Ocena: 139.95, Głosów: 19, Autor: Mafej

Many people suffer from stress

In my opinion nowadays life is more dynamic and variable. It goes on more swiftly. In consequence people are surrounded with many stressful factors and suffer from too much pressur [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:51:32 , Wyświetleń: 3689 , Ocena: 112.52, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Drug trafficking should be punished a life sentence

In the United Kingdom the law says that drugs class A supplying is punish a life imprisonment. Drugs class A are drugs like cocaine, exstasy, heroin, LSD. This is the highest punis [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:52:07 , Wyświetleń: 10333 , Ocena: 119.76, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Superstitions in Poland

If you see a black cat you will have bad luck.If you pass under ladder you will have bad luck.If you see chimney-sweeper you will have to catch your button and your dream w [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:52:07 , Wyświetleń: 13604 , Ocena: 50.67, Głosów: 45, Autor: Mafej

Formy spedzania wolnego czasu w Polsce

The Polish youth has various possibilities of spending their idle and free time. They vary from sitting all the day at home, sports, the Internet to a daily trip to a pub. The Inte [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:52:18 , Wyświetleń: 11577 , Ocena: 74.29, Głosów: 34, Autor: Mafej

Włamanie do domu

Opowiadasz znajomym ze stanow zj. o wlamaniu w nocy do twojego domu. Opisz gdzie byles gdy dowiedziales sie o wlamaniu jak zareagowales widzac poczynione zniszczenia kto zawiadomil [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-23 18:52:19 , Wyświetleń: 2973 , Ocena: 48.5, Głosów: 41, Autor: Mafej

The worst holiday in my life

Just after July year ago I and my cousin Tom decided to go away for holiday to New Zealand.I was very excited, because it was travel from my dreams.I had always daydreamed [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-25 10:07:31 , Wyświetleń: 4400 , Ocena: 3.19, Głosów: 25, Autor: Mafej

Atrocities of war - on the base of Roman Polanski's film - “The Pianist”.

War has always been and will be an inseparable part of human existence. During centuries there were thousands of conflicts and hundreds of major wars all around the world. There ar [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-25 10:10:22 , Wyświetleń: 11140 , Ocena: 245.45, Głosów: 10, Autor: Mafej

Biografia pisarzy

Lawrence W. O’ Nan created Andy Ant in the 1970s when he told bedtime stories to his children. He developed Andy Ant to assist him in instilling values and providing an imagi [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-25 10:10:22 , Wyświetleń: 9898 , Ocena: 83.95, Głosów: 37, Autor: Mafej

Biografie pisarzy

The adventures of Andy Ant The Runway DogLawrence W. O’ Nan created Andy Ant in the 1970s when he told bedtime stories to his children. He developed Andy Ant to assist hi [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-25 10:10:23 , Wyświetleń: 5705 , Ocena: 85.03, Głosów: 30, Autor: Mafej

Charity begins at Christmas

Charity. How do we actually understand this word? Longman’s dictionary gives us a few meanings, but I will qoute just 2 of them: 1. Money or gifts given to help the poor [...]

Dodano: 2008-10-25 10:10:24 , Wyświetleń: 9933 , Ocena: 75.32, Głosów: 37, Autor: Mafej

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