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Young people should keave their homes at the age of 18.

In my opinion there is an age when every young person should leave his or her home and decide to start a new life. It can be a sad thing for those parents who have good relatons w [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:42:29 , Wyświetleń: 34456 , Ocena: 1840.57, Głosów: 6, Autor: Mafej

What make best friend?

I have many friends. Some with them are bests and different worse. I think that hard about best friend. Best friend possess many best attributes. Most important attribute for me i [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:42:40 , Wyświetleń: 4872 , Ocena: 94.78, Głosów: 26, Autor: Mafej

Cartoons time.

Some time ago, during jumping through the channels, I found something very interesting, which hit the nail on the head of my expectations. It was called Cartoon Network. This fanta [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:42:41 , Wyświetleń: 5992 , Ocena: 68.71, Głosów: 40, Autor: Mafej

Czasowniki nieregularne. (1)

A arise arose arisen awake awoke/ awakened awoken B be was / were been bear bore born / borne beat beat beaten / beat become became become bef [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:42:42 , Wyświetleń: 1818699 , Ocena: 618.06, Głosów: 47, Autor: Mafej

Opisz swój sen.

Last night I have strange dream. I was in school in the top floor. I came out of polish schoolroom and went to cloakroom change footwear. In school was quiet and dark. I went down [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:42:44 , Wyświetleń: 10252 , Ocena: 67.19, Głosów: 30, Autor: Mafej

My Christmas

In Poland we have Christmas Eve. It`s on December 24th. Before this day people sent Christmas card to family and friend, so I did it to. Christmas Eve is a very important day for m [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:43:27 , Wyświetleń: 3170 , Ocena: 39.26, Głosów: 65, Autor: Mafej

The rich should share all their wealth with the poor.

The first thought that comes to my mind while considering that statement is that it is obviously true, but is it really so unquestionably certain?As far as I am concerned helpi [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:43:27 , Wyświetleń: 3789 , Ocena: 371.67, Głosów: 5, Autor: Mafej

Zaimki miejsca, czasu i kierunku.

ZAIMKI CZASU:At – o godzinieOn – podając datęIn – w miesiącu, za (jakiś czas)Until – do, dopókiBy – do, przed, nie później [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-22 15:43:28 , Wyświetleń: 1969 , Ocena: 27.88, Głosów: 40, Autor: Mafej

Mustang As American Icon.

The Mustang is a feral horse found in the western United States. The name mustang comes from Spanish word mesteno or mestenco meaning wild or stray. Originally these were Spanish h [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:03:14 , Wyświetleń: 12481 , Ocena: 126.9, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej


ADDICTIONSKINDS OF ADDICTIONSThere are three main addictions - drug taking, alcoholism and smoking cigarettes.CONSEQUENCEAll of them cause illness, threaten our hea [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:03:26 , Wyświetleń: 4318 , Ocena: 81, Głosów: 37, Autor: Mafej


What are animals for people? Do people need them? How do we treat animals? We often may ask these questions. Animals have always existed in human life. A long time ago people ate m [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:03:27 , Wyświetleń: 233568 , Ocena: 501.78, Głosów: 68, Autor: Mafej

Jobs and life styles.

Jobs and life styles.All people have their own jobs and life styles. Some of them are workmen, a lot of people work as clerks, others are directors and managers. Some jobs requ [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:03:27 , Wyświetleń: 3602 , Ocena: 123.24, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej


NewspapersThere is no “national press” in the United States, as it is in the British Kingdom. The main reason for this is that mostly the local newspapers are read [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:03:28 , Wyświetleń: 8238 , Ocena: 3.06, Głosów: 87, Autor: Mafej

The American People

The American PeopleThe United States has the third-largest population in the world (in 1990 - 250 millions). The most characteristic for US is its people who come from differe [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:03:30 , Wyświetleń: 5673 , Ocena: 177.88, Głosów: 15, Autor: Mafej

Why do we need a cars?

Why do we need a car? (+/-)Everybody knows that cars are very important in our life. We can’t imagine how people could live without this invention many years ago. A lot o [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:03:31 , Wyświetleń: 2699 , Ocena: 175.09, Głosów: 10, Autor: Mafej

Me as an interesting person.

It’s hard to be a judge of ourself and decide unmistakably if we are interesting or not cause for everone „interesting” means something else. So I can’t say [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:05 , Wyświetleń: 3679 , Ocena: 104.38, Głosów: 23, Autor: Mafej

Health care in Poland.

To: Minister of HealthFrom: Marek NowakSubject: Health care in PolandDate: 10th November, 2003PurposeThe purpose of this report is to put a case of standart of [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:06 , Wyświetleń: 16810 , Ocena: 77.14, Głosów: 35, Autor: Mafej

Different attitudes to art.

Art is perceived to be a part of a culture, a way of revealing peoples talents, finnaly as a concious activity which effects are aesthetical luxuries such as paintings, sculptures, [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:07 , Wyświetleń: 3894 , Ocena: 218.15, Głosów: 12, Autor: Mafej

Are you for or against death penalty.

Many people in the world would like the death penalty to be everywhere. I`m not sure if death penalty is good for killers.I think that the criminals would be more scared, if th [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:07 , Wyświetleń: 4507 , Ocena: 159, Głosów: 14, Autor: Mafej

Animal testing.

Each year about five million dogs, cats, rabbits, rats, monkeys, and other animals die in lethal tests performed in the U.S. During such experiments strange substance are forced i [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:08 , Wyświetleń: 158621 , Ocena: 3.81, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Changes of life over last decade in small polish towns.

Despite the fact that ten years is a pretty short period of time, in Poland during last decade has changed quite lot, especially if we’re concidering development of small to [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:09 , Wyświetleń: 4245 , Ocena: 872.33, Głosów: 2, Autor: Mafej

Is school a necessary evil?

Expression “necessary evil” is commonly understood as something unpleasant, harmful and sth that we would willingly get rid of . But is it felicitous word if it g [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:10 , Wyświetleń: 6700 , Ocena: 276.18, Głosów: 10, Autor: Mafej

Advantages and disadvantages of having a pet

Nowadays lots of people have got a pet. What decides about buying a pet or not? In my opinion the thing is that the society feels lonely. Chasing money takes a lot of time. That i [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:16 , Wyświetleń: 4421 , Ocena: 971.67, Głosów: 2, Autor: Mafej

Do we really need the TV commercials?

Are commercials really needed? How would it like to watch a TV channel with no commercials and finally, do they convince us?Many of us are getting mad while their best serial o [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:17 , Wyświetleń: 5510 , Ocena: 188.44, Głosów: 15, Autor: Mafej

Environmental - friendly.

Many of us can be ecological even though we are not quite aware of it.We can do it in different ways:- decrease of the consumption of products and services which requires w [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 12:04:19 , Wyświetleń: 11438 , Ocena: 56.78, Głosów: 39, Autor: Mafej

Nicolaus Copernicus (2)

Nicolaus Copernicus lived from 1473 to 1543. He was a great Polish astronomer, mathematician ,cleric and a doctor. He studied astronomy, law and medicine in Academy of Cracow and t [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 15:17:04 , Wyświetleń: 2818 , Ocena: 96.64, Głosów: 21, Autor: Mafej

Myths and Legends.

The notion of religion was once described by George Frazer in the following way : “ By religion I understand achieving the goodwill of the highest powers which control the na [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 15:17:36 , Wyświetleń: 3798 , Ocena: 110.5, Głosów: 25, Autor: Mafej

The holiday letter.

Dear Jim,Thank you for your letter. You asked me about the good place to visit. Well, there is a beautiful place in the south of Poland – it is Krakow. The best thing [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 15:17:44 , Wyświetleń: 3764 , Ocena: 118.24, Głosów: 20, Autor: Mafej

Your dreams and plans for the future.

Diffrent pepole have diffrent dreams and plans for the future . Some of them waut to be rich and famuse others dream abaut having a real family . My greatest dream is to be totally [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-23 15:17:45 , Wyświetleń: 21878 , Ocena: 1364.3, Głosów: 9, Autor: Mafej

Święta: Walentynki i Boże Narodzenie

Valentine’s dayFebruary 14 (fourteen) is known as St (saint) Valentine’s Day.It is mainly observed by young people who on that day give symbolic gifts to people [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:37:03 , Wyświetleń: 3525 , Ocena: 98.38, Głosów: 28, Autor: Mafej

Biographia Michael Peter Balzary.

Michael Peter Balzary was born in 16 October 1962 year in Melbourne in Australia. In 1966 his parents divorced so that young Michael moved to New York with his mother. When he wa [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:37:56 , Wyświetleń: 3887 , Ocena: 174.44, Głosów: 15, Autor: Mafej

Books (1)

Despite the great development in technology, computers and the media, many people still enjoy the simple act of reading books. It is difficult to say which books are the most popul [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:37:57 , Wyświetleń: 3841 , Ocena: 46.85, Głosów: 88, Autor: Mafej

Description - my boyfriend.

Maciek is 15 years old and he’s my boyfriend. We know each other very well, beause we often meet after school. He goes to the same school like me. Unfortunately he live far f [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:37:58 , Wyświetleń: 4629 , Ocena: 200.54, Głosów: 12, Autor: Mafej


EDINBURGH- THE CAPITAL OF SCOTLANDIf I want to the United Kingdom I would like to visit Scotland and Edinburgh- the beautiful city of Scotland. Edinburgh, the capital of Sc [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:37:59 , Wyświetleń: 3467 , Ocena: 41.61, Głosów: 65, Autor: Mafej


There are almost as many hobbies as people in the world. People take up all kinds of hobbies. Some are common, some are “different” and some are altogether, strange.

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:37:59 , Wyświetleń: 2891 , Ocena: 34.43, Głosów: 83, Autor: Mafej


Homelessness is one of the most important problems in whole countries in the world. We see homeless people almost everywhere. They are on the streets, in parks, in backstreets or i [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:38:00 , Wyświetleń: 4790 , Ocena: 95.06, Głosów: 35, Autor: Mafej


The more languages you know the better job you get. I think it is true. I enjoy learning languages, because I know in our times it is necessary. Not knowing foreign language is lik [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:38:01 , Wyświetleń: 9106 , Ocena: 59.04, Głosów: 56, Autor: Mafej

Sport - cricket, football.

SPORTSport probably plays a more important part in people’s lives in Britain than it does in most other countries. For a very large number, and this is especially true fo [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:38:02 , Wyświetleń: 2851 , Ocena: 136.8, Głosów: 19, Autor: Mafej

Summer holidays.

In last summer holidays, my friends and me put up our tent in the middle of a field near a small village. As soon as this was done, we cooked a meal over an open fire. We w [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:38:03 , Wyświetleń: 3443 , Ocena: 3.33, Głosów: 35, Autor: Mafej


Television is one of the 20th century inventions. Almost everyone watches TV. But as with every invention, it has its good points and it is bad points. One thing is definite; it ha [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:38:04 , Wyświetleń: 3092 , Ocena: 75.32, Głosów: 40, Autor: Mafej

Wealth bring luck.

Advantages and disadvantages of being wealthy.In my essay I would like to express my opinion on advantages and disadvantages of being rich. There are many facts which support t [...]

Dodano: 2008-11-24 23:38:04 , Wyświetleń: 27355 , Ocena: 264.7, Głosów: 26, Autor: Mafej

A Short Story about Life.

The alarm clock woke up her like every day. Like every day she didn’t want to get up. The vision of eight hours working in office wasn’t nice for her. But we should wor [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-04 21:50:27 , Wyświetleń: 149677 , Ocena: 1282.46, Głosów: 75, Autor: majka100100

List do koleżanki z Anglii po przeprowadzce do Polski

Hi Julia!There's a lot of things that I have to describe you. After removal our life has changed. As You know, we live in Stargard now. We don't have any bungalow or detached h [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-04 23:59:15 , Wyświetleń: 4204 , Ocena: 94.7, Głosów: 29, Autor: majka100100

The person whom I know well.

I have known Agnieszka since my first day at kindergarten, when we were only three. I can remember her half hiding behind her mother and biting her nails. And only five minutes lat [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-04 23:59:44 , Wyświetleń: 2797 , Ocena: 142.4, Głosów: 19, Autor: majka100100

Chocolate (1)

Chocolate is perhaps one of most important products that we produce. Try to imagine how your life would look like without sweets. It is used not only in chocolate bars that we all [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-05 00:00:03 , Wyświetleń: 3979 , Ocena: 72.06, Głosów: 35, Autor: majka100100


What we know as Halloween today, began hundreds of years ago as a Celtic celebration. The Celts lived in the lands we now know as England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. They believe [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-05 00:00:04 , Wyświetleń: 21645 , Ocena: 31.48, Głosów: 97, Autor: majka100100

What Is Techno.

As many people often say "Techno is not music", "Techno songs are repetitive", "they are all alike" and similar, we would like to tell our minds on this matter, saying why we do li [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-05 00:00:06 , Wyświetleń: 6825 , Ocena: 59.12, Głosów: 50, Autor: majka100100


Shopping, whether you perceive is as chore or pleasure activity, is an act that we carry out throughout the course of our lifes. We purchase items from convenience stores, drug sto [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-06 07:18:49 , Wyświetleń: 5604 , Ocena: 63.09, Głosów: 33, Autor: majka100100

Śladami Gotyku w Wielkiej Brytanii

Today I would like to take you for an amazing trip around the United Kingdom. I'm going to show you some British relics built in Ghotic-the most beautiful and mysterious architectu [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-06 07:19:07 , Wyświetleń: 31695 , Ocena: 155.18, Głosów: 21, Autor: majka100100

British Holidays - Guy Fawkes Day

Every year on 5th November British people celebrate Guy Fawkes Day. The tradition of Guy Fawkes bonfires goes back to the beginning of the 17th century. When Queen Elizabeth I died [...]

Dodano: 2008-12-06 07:19:50 , Wyświetleń: 108636 , Ocena: 439.08, Głosów: 37, Autor: majka100100

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